My "New" Typewriter!

Typewriter, originally uploaded by B.B. Bellezza.

The Hermes Rocket!

I got this from Maggie French Home (you should really check out her art at Maggie French Folk Art, too!)
Here is more info about my adorable typewriter from www.mytypewriter.com:

Hermes typewriters were designed in Switzerland home of precision engineering. And they were built with all the Swiss passion for moving mechanisms and solid craftsmanship. The Hermes Baby/Rocket were no exception. The machine weighs in as the worlds lightest portable typewriter according to one of the companys publications.

Continuing the successful "Baby" line is the model here, the Hermes Baby/Rocket of 1954. This was the first major update of the 1935 version, sporting a new look, larger platen and improved mechanism, but still maintaining that super-low profile and handsome Hermes look. Its compactness and lightweight turn the Hermes Baby/Rocket into the ultimate choice for people on the road.
Well, I haven't used it on the road, yet, but while I was trying to fix my computer, I was typing away on it.

I think what I love about it (besides, say, EVERYTHING), is that on the computer I type very quickly and can make corrections very quickly. On the typewriter, I have to take my time and be more careful, or else I have to start over again if I make a mistake. Also, I sort of like the look of my inperfections in the typing when I do make a mistake.

I honestly almost never buy anything that is not essential for myself, but I am so glad I bought this mint green beauty.

By the way, NO, it is not becoming jewelry, as most people assume when they see it! LOL

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