The Littlest Church

Littlest Church , originally uploaded by B.B. Bellezza.

The Littlest Church was a bit of an obsession for me this past summer. We were driving around Chester County, Pennsylvania with our trusty "Weird Pennsylvania" book. Frankly, I don't remember where we were going, but we were on a goose hunt. Then we started to realize everything in the area was called somethingorother "Creek Road."

Along the way on our goose hunt, we read about The Littlest Church. It wasn't in our schedule for that day, but the book stated it was on Creek Road on the outskirts of Marsh Creek State Park. Well, I just knew it had to be somewhere close because everything we were driving on was somethingorother "Creek Road." Unfortunately, we didn't find it that day.

But, then my boyfriend did some research and We Found It! I was so thrilled.

Now, this church is now on private property, so we respectfully took photos from the road. I was just thrilled to find it.

I think it is so quaint and lovely. It has such a quaint and lovely story to go with it.

According to "Weird Pennsylvania", Cannella, an immigrant trying to earn money to bring his family to America, vowed to God that if He would provide him with a means to bring his wife to America, he would attend church every day.

Winters are harsh in the area, which made it difficult to him to make it to the nearest Catholic Church. So, he built his own church on his property. The church only has enough room for an alter and 1 or 2 people. He went there any day he could not make it to the Catholic Church in Dowingtown.

The same family still owns the property on which the church still stands.

(Information from the book "Weird Pennsylvania" by Matt Lake. Our road trip handbook this past summer.)

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