Hunter w tree 2, originally uploaded by B.B. Bellezza.

Here's my sweet and evil kitty, looking pretty calm and cute. This is his main position through the holidays. I am not sure why he likes to hang out under the tree, we didn't even have a real one this year. See that Grinch hanging there? I have found that in the most strange places in my house. Also, Hunter S. Tomcat tries to knock over the tree every time I turn my back on him.

Things at the B.B. Bellezza homefront have been pretty calm and laid back. I have been having fun with some friends, embriordering, (Yes, embriodering!), reading and just trying to relax. Things at my day job have been pretty stressful and exhausting, so I am pretty wiped out by the time I get home. I have made a few new jewelry pieces, but my computer was on the fritz for a while, so I haven't even taken photos yet. (Also why I have been missing from this blog!)

I know that my newsletter is very late and I also need to pick a winner for the December contest. I will do that sometime soon.

On productive note, I have rearranged my artMarket stand and there are some new items there now. And actually, I plan on switching it around again sometime in the near future because until today I hadn't really visualized exactly what I wanted.

(artMarket, in case you missed it, is at Building Character 342 N. Queen Street, Warehouse C, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.)

I plan on taking things sort of easy, but will be doing the January 09 newsletter and announcing the December newsletter winner in the very near future.

By the way, if you would like to be entered for January's giveaway (the prize will be announced in the newsletter), just send me an email to BBBellezza@hotmail.com to join and you will be automatically entered.

I hope everyone is having a great start to the new year!

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