Thursday Thunks

I found this site, Thursday Thunks, and thought it might be cool to answer the questions. I always like reading everyone else's answers.

1. Have you ever thought about the possibility of suicide?

Off to a crazy start. Unfortunately, yes. Hopefully those awful days are all over now.

2. How many dogs have you owned in your life? What kind? What were their names?

I personally never did, but my parents do and they had him while I was living there. He's a boxer mix (looks like a boxer) and his name is Duke.

3. In one word, what do most people describe you as? People usually call me "sweet" or "friendly"

4. Do you watch HouseMD? Why not?

No. I don't really watch TV...other than The Office

5. What irritates you most about your neighbors?

I live in a townhouse. My neighbor a few doors down let their dog out without a lease and he does his business all over the yard and they do not clean up after him. It drives me nuts.

6. Have you ever called someone in for some sort of abuse or neglect on humans, animals or property?

I have never had to, thankfully.

7. What color is the sky in your world?

It's always changing.

8. Did you see those 2 planets that everyone is talking about this week?

What 2 planets? I guess I missed them!

9. Would you like to submit your own question for future Thursday Thunks?

Sure, I will try to think of one.

10. Do you have a skin condition? Are you gonna tell us what it is?

Very dry skin, especially on my hands. I guess I really don't have a condition, though.

11. Have you ever had an STD?


12. Do you do any crafts?
yes, a lot of them!

13. Peanut Butter & Jelly - what flavor is the jelly?

Strawberry! I don't like grape jelly.

14. Stripes or polka-dots?

Tough choice, but probably polka-dots

15. What accent drives you crazy? Is it a good crazy or a bad crazy?

People who complain about things, but do nothing to solve the problem.

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