Giveaway Winner!

I have picked a winner for the November giveaway, which is a $30 gift certificate to my shop!

The winner's initials are D.J., so if those are your initials, you may have won!! Check your email!

Don't forgot I am doing it again this month, so join my mailing list if you want a chance to win. (Email me at BBBellezza@hotmail.com with "Subscribe" in the subject line. You will receive a confirmation email and be asked to click a link to join.)

Tonight I will be painting my new artMarket booth! I don't really like to paint. I don't really hate it either. I just really want it done so I can do the fun part of decorating. I am especially excited about a few new things I picked up at the thrift shop last night for my stand! I am also excited about a Christmas present I am getting that I am supposed to forget that I am getting that will also go with my booth. lol

I am going to try to take before and after photos, so stay tuned....

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