Christmas Color Bracelet

I have made a few of these Christian Christmas Color Bracelet. (If you click on the photo, it should take you to my flickr photostream and you can check them all out there.)

These bracelets have a story...or rather a song. I do not know the origins of the song, but it is a nice way to incorporate colors into Christmas.

Each colored bead on the bracelet has a meaning.

Here is where the colors come from:

GREEN is for the Christmas tree that lights our holiday joyfully;

RED is for the special love we feel for those we're thinking of;

YELLOW is for the Christmas stare that guided wise men from afar;

BLUE is for the mother's joy when gazing at her baby boy;

PURPLE is for the Heavenly King that came to earth, his peace to bring.

Along with the bracelet, you will recieve a card indicating what each color means as indicated above.

They are available in my Etsy Shop (if you don't see the one you are interested in from my flickr page, just contact me and I will get it listed right away!)

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