Twitter and School

So, I just joined twitter.

It's pretty addictive. I guess I have this odd desire to tell people what I am doing. Actually, I think it is similar to my checklist addiction. I like checking off things as I do them.

I am online all day anyway, why not twitter?

You can follow me HERE

In other news, school is back in full swing. I am in the later fall session this semester and its shorter, but it is intense. I am, however, already ahead of the game because I have mapped out a schedule for myself. My schoolwork is done for the week. Okay, so it's just the first week, but I am off to a good start.

Hopefully I can follow this new schedule of mine....I haven't made any jewelry yet this week and am a little anxious to try a few new things. Tomorrow. And, you can follow me on Twitter to see how I am progressing.

As far as school is concerned, I have 2 courses this semester (I have been going part-time for.....forever) and hopefully just 1 class after that. I am trying to test out of the Math class I have to take. That is a story all of its own. Let's just say I might have to take anywhere from 3 Math classes to 0. I am hoping for 0, of course. Keep your figures crossed when I take the math test.

For curious minds and those who do not know, I am a Legal Studies Major. I have my Paralegal Certificate and now I am going for my Bachelor's degree. I am a paralegal and with my degree I can be ... a paralegal. It's really been a goal of mine (for a very long time) to get my Bachelor's degree. Once upon a time the plan was to go to law school. Now my plan is to be a full-time jewelry designer. Either way, I am glad I went to school.

Really, I should have listened to my childhood self and become a jewelry designer from the beginning. If you are struggling with what to do or where to go with your life, I suggest thinking about what you liked and did when you were 8-years-old. The 8-year-old knows.

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