Healing Qualities of Quartz

{A B O U T . Q U A R T Z}

Clear Quartz is one of the traditional healing stones that is believed to draw out pain and to enhance healing. Healers use clear Quartz in rituals to treat convulsions, diarrhea, dizziness, exposure to radiation, general pain, hemorrhages, headaches, hypochondria and kidney diseases.

Mental Healing

Healers believe that clear Quartz is an important stone for self-esteem. They credit it with having the ability to treat the traumas of a neglectful or abusive childhood, to balance chaotic emotions and to increase emotional energy and motivate for action. It is also believed to enhance insight and intuition, help avoid self-pity, helping one to achieve their full potential and makes meditation and harmony easier.

*Note: I am not a doctor and do not recommend these earrings to solve any medical conditions. If you need medical attention, please seek medical advice.

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