Died In the Wool: Book Review

Died in the Wool

by Mary Kruger

Book Review

Last weekend I had an ear infection. I am on the way to recovery now, but over the weekend I was pretty much out of commission. So I had a rare opportunity to actually read a book.

I love to read, but I get so busy that I don't always get time to read. This past Christmas I got a lot of books from my Amazon wish list for Christmas. Died in the Wool was one of these books.

I love mysteries and I love crafting. A little know fact about this jewelry designer is that I really like to knit, too. So this book seemed perfect.

I am not going to give any more of this book away than you can read on the back cover . . .

The book starts off in Ariadne's yarn shop (yay! yarn shop!) where she finds the body of a customer strangled with homespun yarn.

I loved that it was a murder mystery and I LOVED all the knitty-crafty little details thrown in here and there. There is a twist thrown in as well about something that all designers worry about. I read the book in one day and it keep my attention the entire time. Frankly, the ending was complete cheese (and therefore perfect for my intentions of being thoroughly entertained) and some of the writing left a little to be desired, but if you are into crafting, especially knitting, and murder mysteries, you would probably find this book to be perfect for a cozy evening of reading.

I don't want to give a really thorough review, because I don't want to ruin the book for anyone who wants to read it!

I have ordered the next book, Knit Fast, Die Young, which features the same characters. I hate when you get all wrapped up in a book and it ends and then you wonder what happens to the characters, so I love that there is a second book with the same characters.

If you would like to read this book, I will probably be listing it in my eBay store for sale this weekend sometime, so stay tuned.


In other news, I am about to go watch the debate and relax. I have had a harsh couple of days and want to just relax and do nothing. Actually, I want to watch the debate and knit. (Funny how the book had that effect on me.) I hope to at some point do some listing and updating in my Etsy Shop - new jewelry and the Craft Tips PDF need to be listed - but I also want to spead some time away from the computer, too this weekend.

I hope every has a wonderful weekend!

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