Mondays and Long Necklaces

Take 2 -

Okay, so I already typed this post and somehow lost it. But here we go again!

This weekend I did not do a craft show, so I don't have my usual re-cap. I will have a Tuesday Thrifty Travel Tips post for you tomorrow, though!

This week I have taken a working vacation. Basically, I took a week off from my day job in order to work on my jewelry business. (Well, and to get a break from my day job.)

So far today I have done some revising of my eBay store, my Etsy shop and my website. I changed my myspace page a bit, as well.

I also have washed every dirty piece of clothing and dish, dusted and vacuumed the house and made and listed 2 necklaces (seen above).

Overall, I feel pretty efficient, but I really need to make some serious jewelry for some things I have coming up!

The Ceramic Donut Necklace:
This necklace features a ceramic donut and black cotton cord. It is organically colored in green and brown. It is simple, but gorgeous. It is really long and you could readjust it to a smaller length if you prefer.

{ D E T A I L S }

[M A T E R I A L S]

Ceramic donut beadCotton Cord

[L E N G T H * O F * C O R D]

(not including donut)

32 inches (the one on eBay is a little shorter)

Approximately 81 cm

[S I Z E]

Approximately the same as the length.

[O P T I O N S]

Resizing to a smaller size is available, just contact me first.

Have a happy week! And make sure to check in tomorrow for Tuesday Thrifty Travel Tips!

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