The Flood....or Another Reason To Keep Your Basement Clean

Wednesday night we came home from my LAPA (Lancaster Area Paralegal Association.....yes, I live a double life) Elections Meeting to find our basement had flooded. Not completely, just our laundry room and storage area, and only a couple or a few inches deep. Our basement slopes in apparently (I had never noticed), so the water was confined to the laundry room and not my office/studio.

So, the major damage was basically to a ton of yard sale items that were hanging out waiting for Saturday's big yard sale. We lost a lot of that stuff. Also, all the laundry has be re-washed. But, for the most part we were lucky. All my Christmas decorations were down there, too, some of which are from childhood, but the water didn't make it that far luckily.

All in all, I am lucky. I did lose a lot of time cleaning and throwing out stuff. Water is crazy. I rent, so it wasn't even like I had to sit around and wait for a plumber and then pay a crazy fee or anything. Another reason we were lucky. However, it still put a damper on things. I discovered that I don't have a mop. I usually just get on my hands and knees to scrub floors, but this was too wet and yucky to do that. So, a final mopping needs to be done and then arranging of what is left. Actually, I think it could use some more purging, so I may be doing that tonight, too. Oh, and putting everything in plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes.

Anyway, I am pretty tired now. Plus, I need to tag all the yard sale stuff for tomorrow. I am setting up my jewelry stand at the yard sale, too. I thought it might be strange, but, what the heck. Tons of people come to this yard sale, a little exposure would be good. I was pretty sure that it was going to rain, but now the forecast is looking good for the morning and early afternoon, so I think we're a go.

Also, I was thinking I could take credit cards at my yard sale, too! Maybe I can get rid of a lot of stuff in one swoop!

See you at the yard sale tomorrow! That is unless I collapse of exhaustion from cleaning the basement first!

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