Humanity Fest

Look at all the racers!! I was taken aback about the number of people!

And, the spectators, too! So many people in a little area!

So today was Humanity Fest. This was my 3rd show, and the second of this year. It was a super beautiful day (until the wind started) and only for a brief time did I think that it was going to storm as predicted. Then, the sun came out again.

This show was great because first of all my boyfriend was able to help me lug stuff from the car and set up. Oh, and I just got a tent, which of course I didn't even take a picture of. I was kind of nervous about putting up the tent because we hadn't done it before; however, my boyfriend is a pro and could have put it up himself. It was really easy, too. Then he helped a few others put up their tents. I have to do the actual jewelry set up myself....I am a little OCD about it. It is also the most stressful part for me, so it's best to stay out of my way. :) Actually, I am getting to the point where I am a little more laid back about it.

It was such a fun time because I got to meet some really great people. Even though I didn't make a ton of money, I did fine and that was really just the icing on the cake.

It was great until the wind picked up. Then I had to do a combination of holding down the tent (it didn't come with stakes or anything) and chasing earrings and signs. I had some really great customers who chipped in, and other vendors, too. Boyfriend had gone home for a nap because he had to work later and we were up really late....I had to see Ira Glass from This American Life on David Letterman. I love Ira, but I think I probably should have gone to bed earlier. Anyway, he came back with a creative solution, and I just had to chase earrings instead of the tent.

So now I am looking forward to the next show. We are having a neighborhood yard sale next weekend (early in the a.m. til ?) and I am going to set up my stand. It's May 3rd in the Belair neighborhood in Lancaster, PA if you are in the area. (Email me for directions if you are local.) I am also going to see if there are still spots left for the Lancaster Punk Rock Flea Market on May 17th. Then it's the City Arts Market on May 31st at Eastern Market and then Eastern Market for June. Eastern Market is at 308 East King Street, in Lancaster City. Market is from 9am-2pm each Saturday.

Now I must get on a school assignment and a final paper for school. These are the last 2 assignments for the semester. I just have finals then and then I am free from school for summer!

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