Rambling about my Life...

Rambling about what I have been up to:

I have been busy at work on my eBay Store. I am trying to get things "tidied up" before we get into the holidays, which that season is coming soon!

I have also been planning my 2nd Annual Studio Sale. For those who know me and are in the area, it will be December 7. Time to be announced. :) However, there will be goodie bags, snacks, and a door prize.

Tomorrow I am going into Philadelphia for a seminar for work. (I am a paralegal by day....) I am excited, but also sort of nervous because I am taking the train in, and I have never done that. The thing that sucks, though, is that because there aren't that many trains going into Philly from Lancaster, I have to leave at 5:35 a.m. or I will be late! So, instead I am going to be a little over an hour early. Hopefully I will just find a coffee house or something once I get there to chill in. I think it is probably good, though because once I get to Philly I have to take another train and that is what is actually making me the most nervous.

However, even if I am lost for a couple of hours it is still better than being in the office.

Plus, I will be on the train for an hour and 1/2, so I can get some reading done, which is something I never get to do lately!!

Tomorrow I have a new TUTORIAL TUESDAY all ready for you! So come back! It is another jewelry project!

Take care until tomorrow, and keep your fingers crossed that I make it to Philly okay!

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