Just another Manic....uh....Tuesday...

Hi Folks!

Sorry I have been a bad blogger lately. I have been completely swamped with schoolwork and B.B. Bellezza stuff and my full time job as well as a side job I am doing in the paralegal world, too! Plus, my mom is having serious medical issues and I *was* (hopefully it stays a "was") having a few financial issues. Which reminds me:

Thank you to all my awesome customers who took advantage of my sale! I really appreciate you all. You rock!


Okay I feel better.

Soon this will all clear up, or at least not feel like a huge strain on my life! In the meantime, SORRY for the lame blog entries. :)

I have, however, in between everything else, been working out in my head a concept for a new weekly feature for the blog. I am not going to quite let the cat out of the bag, yet, though. Just because what if it doesn't work out the way I think, or I get too stressed again. In fact, I had every intention to start tonight...but it just didn't work out that way.

I guess you will have to sit on the edge of your seats until next week!

I am also super excited because I am going to Charlotte,NC this weekend. My one best friend is going to the race so I am getting a ride down with her to visit my other best friend, who happens to live in Charlotte. :) Awesome!

Except, that means, hurry up and get schoolwork done and special side job done and pack and.....


Okay, I am going to go and do all these things I am so stressed about, or at least make one of my famous lists so I can at least remember what I might forget. LOL

Take care and I will hopefully have some kick butt posts coming up. *Hopefully*

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A Fanciful Twist said...

Yay for NC... Your shop looks divine!!! Overworked, overstressed, Oh my.. Why has life gotten so hectic.. Well, no matter, you must find little blisses here and there.. And you seem to!! Yippeee! xox