Feedback and Books

I was just reading through some new feedback I received from customers on eBay, and it honestly brought a tear to my eye. I know I am a very emotional person generally speaking, but really, my customers are the best!

Speaking of which, if you all are interested, I have been doing lots of used book auctions lately (my first love and the first thing I started selling on eBay....after my beloved silver saxophone. I sold that first to pay my rent years ago.)

My eBay store is here and you can just click on the book category on the left to find all of the book auctions. I am going to be listing more this weekend, too. And some other random stuff I have.

Book Auctions

I also sell used books on half.com. My shop is here.

I also hope to have another book review this weekend. I am reading The Secret. I haven't gotten too far, but I should have plenty of time for reading this weekend. I think....

Or, I could get all caught up in making a skirt like I did last night! I am excited. I like it...I don't love it, but it's the first article of clothing I have made for myself.

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