Rainy Days and Paydays

I am having such a crappy day at work. It is yucky out. My lunch buddy and I got caught in a downpour....it was only misting when we left for lunch. Other office crap is going on. I am tired and whiney. On the bright side, it is payday and I am going to go shopping! Yay! New craft supplies! Yay! New Shoes! Yay! Groceries! Yay! I also keep daydreaming of what crafts I am going to do this weekend. This DIY thing is really an illness. LOL Actually, I just keep thinking of all the cool things I could be doing at home instead of being miserable at work. I am so miserable today that I am doing this blog about how miserable I am instead of trying to do my mounds and mounds of work, that keeps piling up, which also makes me miserable.

So much for my really interesting and exciting blog. At least it's real. FYI, I, in general, am a very happy, outgoing, fun-loving person. Sorry for the miserable blog!

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