Discover new Valentine's Day Jewelry

Valentine's Day is coming up soon and for B.B. Bellezza that means HEARTS! 

I have all new heart jewelry! 

The hearts started out as wire.  I twist and wrap the wire.  After it's formed, I hammered the wire to harden it and help it keep it's shape.  Plus it gives the hearts a beautiful texture.

You can find all the designs in my etsy shop.

Available are:

Silver plated copper
and Black coated copper.

You can get earrings, pendant or a gift set.

$15 each

Show your love or give a thoughtful Valentine's Day gift!  Just let me know if it's a gift and I place it in a gift box, send it to the recipient and add your custom message!

Note:  I do note have the black coated or silver plated heart necklaces listed yet, but feel free to contact me to order them.

These are all made to order, so give me a couple of extra days to get your order in the mail.

Click here to go to my shop and find your Valentine's Day gift!

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