Tuesday Tip For Greener Living: Houseplants

Houseplants are great for making your house for bringing nature inside and making everything a little prettier.  But houseplants also can get rid of the pollutants in your house.

Follow these guidelines from Life Tips to make your houseplants work for you:

• Keep one houseplant per every 10 square yards to help keep the air clean in that area;
• If you mix night synthesizing plants (like orchids) with regular plants, your plants will work around the clock to filter your air;
• Use a general mixture of plants to try to filter out as many pollutants as possible;

Different plants are good for different pollutants, for example:
• Philodendrons and aloe plants are especially good protection against formaldehyde; and
• Gerbera daisies, peace lily, and English ivy are good protection against benzene and trichloroethylen.

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My Life as Whitney said...

Great tips! My mom always had plants in the house- I have one haha looks like ai need to expand!