Don't Throw Out that Broken Mirror! (and don't recycle it either)

American Visionary Art Museum

I recently did a post about ways to reuse glass, which reminded me that American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, MD showcases the work of mirror artist Bob Benson.

The tree above is his work, as well as other pieces throughout the museum. 

We had the pleasure of meeting him when we visited the museum recently.  He was explaining his Flatulence Post installation at the museum.  Yes, flatulence.  Farts are always funny, I don't care what you say.  Lighten up!

Photography isn't allowed inside the museum, but you can check out the Flatulence Post on the artist's website.  It's much funnier with the sound effects in person!  There was an actual farting contest that was recorded, which you can relive by pressing a button on the Flatulence Post.  Also, check out the artist rendering of different farts such as the "Chinese Firecracker Fart", the "Bottom Blast", the "Tuttie Fruitie" or the "Limburger Special."

(I must say, I never did think I would be discussing farts on this blog, but, here we are....)

Back to recycling....

You cannot actually recycle mirror.  In fact, you can ruin a whole bin of recycling if you throw the mirror in with the glass that can actually be recycled.  So, the best thing to do with mirrors is to reuse them.

I can't think of a better way to reuse mirror than by making a mirror tree!

If you want to scale it down a little - perhaps you don't want to create an entire mirror tree - be inspired by Bob Benson's tree and create a mobile, or a string of mirrors, to hang in your window.

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