Easy Green New Year's Resolutions

If this time of year you're in the mood for new starts and making promises to yourself, you're not alone.  If you usually break those resolutions way before Valentine's Day rolls around, well, you're also not alone!  

But don't fear!  There are plenty of easy resolutions to make your life more eco-friendly!

Here are my eco-friendly resolutions:

1.  Stop buying small containers of water or soda.  I have a reusable container that I often use on the run, but sometimes I forget and I buy a small plastic bottle drink.  I want to stop this completely.  

2.  Remember reusable bags everytime I go to the store.  My boyfriend is awesome at remembering them.  I am not at all good at it.  (Luckily he does most of our shopping!)

3.  Cut down on using throw away paper items (i.e. paper towels, paper napkins.)  I have tons of rags that I use and reuse in crafting.  I talk about making cloth napkins to use all the time, but the truth is, I don't use them.  My intention is to make a bunch and keep them handy this year for meals.

4.  Join my local CSA  (Community Supported Agriculture.)  I support local foods by going to my local farmer's markets as often as possible.  But, the local CSA makes it even easier.  My resolution is to check into to and do it this year.

5.  Get rid of phantom power in my home.  I'm going to unplug chargers or put them on a power strip and shut it off.  Furthermore, I'm going to be better about turning a lot of things off in my home.

6.  Change all my light bulbs to compact energy saving light bulbs.  Yes, I should have this done already, but I have been changing them as they have been going out.  There are only a few left for me to change over and I resolve to complete that this year!

7.  Use public transportation.  Okay, I already have been doing this for quite some time, but I will continue all year.  I share a car with my boyfriend who can't get to work on public transportation, but we got rid of our other car and I take the bus to work and home each day.  Also, I walk or take the bus most places I go these days.

What are your eco-friendly New Year's Resolutions?

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