Little Steps do Count When Trying to Be Eco-friendly

I feel very strongly that we are destroying our planet’s eco-systems by little things we do each day.  I also know there are some people, corporations, etc. that are destroying the planet in a much more obvious, big way.  There’s isn’t so much I can do about that, but I can change my own behavior.

Often life is hectic and there’s not enough time.  Frankly, this lack of time often leads to the problem.  We grab a plastic bottle of water on the go instead of filling up our reusable aluminum one at home.  Same for lunch – we grab something in horrible packaging instead of using reusable snack bags, etc.  We forget our canvas bags when shopping.  We know they’ll give us a plastic one when we get there if we forget.

Even as strongly as I do feel about saving the planet, so to say, I often fall into these same predicaments.  I’m famous for forgetting my canvas bag when I go shopping.  That is such an easy single thing to do, and I often forget.  I know I should keep one in the car.  But I forget to take it back out after I bring it in with the groceries.

I know there are a million excuses.  I use them all the time.  Then I try to convince other people to live greener lives and feel sort of like a hypocrite.  I really don’t think I’m better at any of this than anyone else.  I’m just really interested in it.  I know it’s important.  I do whatever I can, bit by bit.

What can we do?

For one, I am going to make an effort to remember my bag at the store.  I often refuse bags when I can make it without one.  I'll fill up your reusable water bottle the night before so I don't have to think about it in the morning when I'm rushing to get out the door.  (I'm actually not that bad about remember that!)

I know that every single tiny step we each individually take helps.  If I remember my canvas bag one more time than I did last month, that’s a few more plastic bags not making their way out into the world.  If I did it every time, obviously it would make an even bigger impact.

I am a believer in little steps added together make a big difference.  I also think that if you change your life too much too quickly, it probably won’t stick.  So start with small steps and get used to sticky to them consistently.

Maybe you need to start just by getting a recycle bin and figuring out your township’s recycling rules.  Maybe you already have that accomplished and are ready to move to the next step.

Just take one little step at a time.

The little things do matter!

There are, of course, many little things that you can do!  I’ll be sharing different ideas I come across in my journey toward becoming even more eco-friendly in my life.  I hope that they spark some ideas for you, too. 

Together we can start to turn this planet around.


Alicia said...

I hate when I forget my canvas bags too:( I always feel so guilty. I think you're doing great though. You're right, every little thing helps.

B.B. Bellezza said...

Thanks, Alicia. Yeah, and I have a lot of those bags....just need to remember 'em. I think that people sometimes get overwhelmed with the big picture (hmmm...like me sometimes) and give up altogether instead of just doing that one little thing.