What Little Step Can You Take Today?

The mission of my jewelry and really of my life is that little things do add up and contribute to a larger whole.  While you may not feel like you are making a big difference when you recycle 1 soda can, over time if you recycle every soda can you use, it will make a much more profound difference.

And an even bigger difference can be made when everyone in your community also recycles each can they use.

Using one little disposable plastic bottle may not make that big of a difference in the scheme of things.  However, one plastic bottle can make a whole world of difference to an unsuspecting bird flying over the ocean that accidentally ingests it and dies.  If everyone thought that way, there would be (and to be certain, there already are) many animals not surviving due to the plastic overload in the ocean.

While perhaps it doesn't seem like you're doing much when you're purchasing 1 scrabble pendant, which is one of 100 pieces from a game, I really want you to know that you truly do make a difference when you do in many ways:
  1. You saved that pendant from the trash.  By purchasing the pendant, you have also supported my business and allowed me to make a few more pendants that are kept from the trash.  And so on.  So, it may seem like just a small thing to you...it is really huge in my world.
  2. You re truly making a difference in MY life.  You are directly supporting me personally - keep food on my table and a roof over my head.  And I am an eco-aware Earth Citizen.
  3. You are supporting my business and all that it encompasses.  Since my business is all about being green, you are supporting the green movement.
  4. You are bringing forth awareness by wearing the pendant.  Most certainly someone will comment on it.  That gives you the opportunity to talk about the fact that you purchased the pendant from a green artist.  (See an upcoming post next week about what to say and how to get the conversation going about being green!)
  5. Even if you don't talk to people about the "greenness" of the pedant, if you give people my business information, you are leading people to my website and they can find green living tips.  Maybe they'll purchase a pendant themselves and the cycle begins again (see #1)
Remember, you "vote" with your dollars and you choose who you want to support.  You can make small choices in your life to bring awareness, save energy or save a bird.  If you use something that can be reused or recycled, reuse or recycle it.  

Each tiny step you take makes a huge difference when we all work together.

What little step can you take today?

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